Hello! I’m Kacie, I am a natural light, back-light loving, on location photographer based in beautiful Hood River, Oregon. I specialize in capturing semi-candid portraits of children, families, pregnancy, birth, babies, high school seniors, and weddings. I strive to photograph my subjects in the moment. Rather than looking for perfection in my images, I strive to capture simple, natural moments that define and highlight your uniqueness. I have had a camera in my hand since my photographer father bought me my first Canon camera at the age of fifteen.

The high school I attended had a wonderful darkroom. I burned through rolls of Ilford 400 film, buying a dozen rolls at a time: shooting, developing, and printing at every chance I got. I even talked the photography teacher into creating an independent study course for me so I could get credit for all the extra time I spent in her classroom. After high school I attended college and became a full time nanny – a day job I continued on with for 10+ years. I always had children and families around me to photograph, and I rarely set my camera down. My own two children are very familiar with the clicking of my camera shutter.

Over the years, and through the rolls of film, I learned the true value of photographs. Photographs bring back memories and freeze time in a way that nothing else does. That is what I love most about photography and why my camera is always within arm’s reach.